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The Enneagram and Your Finances Introduction

Finances are talked about in scripture more than heaven or hell is talked about.

In the Bible, Jesus talked about finances A LOT. He did this because he loves us and cares for us. He did this in His wisdom because He knew that finances dramatically impact relationships. Financial issues are the number one cause for divorce. It is a leading cause as to why parents feel disconnected from their kids.

This podcast series is going to be about those two things. Finances and Relationships. Specifically your relationship with money (self-awareness) and others’ relationship with money (others-awareness).

The Enneagram is a tool that can help us get to know ourselves better. In today’s podcast Grant and Jeremy kick off our ten week Enneagram and Your Finances series by digging into one another’s views on the enneagram and how learning more about ourselves helps us to make a bigger kingdom impact with our finances.

We have created some bonus content to give in-depth Enneagram conversations to those who want it. So, if that’s you, Go to stewardship.pro/ep and fill out the form. Enjoy this bonus episode after the “Enneagram and Your Finances” series ends. This bonus content will not be published on our regular podcast schedule and is exclusive to those who want it.

For more information on how the Enneagram affects your finances: https://baritessler.com/2018/09/what-the-enneagram-can-teach-you-about-your-money-relationship/

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