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The Fundamentals of Insurance

How can proper insurance help you continue to make a kingdom impact in hard circumstances?

Insurance can be misunderstood and abused by financial professionals. However, proper insurance allows you protect your family and loved ones in hard circumstances, provide for them, and preserve your assets to give and leave a legacy. Today, Jeremy and Brandon Ream tackle this topic and give some practical advice for addressing insurance needs.

Below are links to a few of the resources mentioned in the show:


This is a great free resource for analyzing your life insurance needs. This is a non-profit organization that does not sell insurance, but simply wants to help people be adequately covered to protect their families.

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Independent Insurance Review

We understand that insurance can be super confusing. Good news! We like to make this simple for you. If you would like to talk with Brandon, our independent agent, for a full insurance review schedule some time using this tool.

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