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The Foundation of a Financial Plan?

We explore why giving is the cornerstone of a financial plan.

Most Financial Advisors prioritize giving last. In this episode Jeremy and Grant explain why giving should be the first part of your financial plan. The truth is this – giving is an act of obedience, an act of worship, and it makes us happier.

The guys also tackle the topic of what we should be giving. Too often people focus on the dollar amount or percentage. Although arguments can be made regarding those details, the real “what” to giving is our hearts. Again, it should be an act of worship. A selfless obedient sacrifice.

In addition, Jeremy illuminates for us additional ways we can give. Yes, you can give form your cash flow, but you can also give out of your investments and through donor-advised funds.

Below are links to a few of the resources mentioned in the show:





Here is a link to the Arizona Department of Revenue page detailing more information about the Arizona State Tax Credits – https://azdor.gov/tax-credits

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Financial Coaching

We understand that being a generous giver is not easy. Often times we want to give, but don’t know where to start or don’t have the confidence in our ability to do it. Talking to a Financial Coach can help set you on a path to be a generous giver, and provide the confidence you are looking for.

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