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Investing with Biblical Conviction – An Introduction to Biblically Responsible Investing

Taking a biblical approach to being financially responsible.

It isn’t that you just give a lot, but that we can use our resources for an eternal impact.

We can invest in certain businesses that don’t align with biblical values, or we can choose to exclude them!

Many people just don’t know what they are invested in, and when you talk about it the main objective is they don’t want performance to suffer. What is a biblical response to this? Should we care? We are to be investing in good things and earn significant returns. Don’t just exclude the companies that are promoting the bad, but emphasize the good and fund the companies that are making a kingdom impact.

The pursuit of profit alone leaves a lot of damage in its wake. We need to apply the Christian lens of faith, hope, and love.

How can being generous help your portfolio?

Shareholder activism – You are an owner in the companies you own. You have the authority to vote and have ideas in the direction of the company – Use this to stand for what you believe in. We can make a difference!

The old paradigm is to measure success only by investment returns. The new paradigm adds two key dimensions: saving taxes and doing good (buying those companies that make the world a better place).

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