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Making a Kingdom Impact with Home Ownership

You can make a kingdom impact with your first home.

In today’s episode, Grant Botma and Greg Suiter talk about buying your first home.

Where do you start to make a kingdom impact in your first home?

  1. Starting from a place of humility
    • People go into the process feeling an entitlement to buy the house that they feel like they deserve
    • First-time homebuyer is a really good marketing term!
      • There is no such thing as free money. Down payment assistance is not free. You don’t need it.
      • Be self-disciplined and save for your first home! You will get a better rate and better terms.
    • Be okay not being an expert. Ask a lot of questions and be educated.
  2. Approach the process with wisdom – Be wise as doves, but be shrewd as a snake
    • Shop! Don’t go with the first lender you talk to.
    • Look at numbers – they are the most concrete, but also look for chemistry with the lender.
    • Lender’s lower rates all the time to match another lenders rates. They do this by cutting their compensation. They start high! Look for a lender that gives you the best, first.
    • Have a team around you – a group of professionals that are likeminded.
  3. Think about your home through the lens of generosity and hospitality.
    • How am I going to use this house to love God and love others?
      • My family
      • My friends
      • The community
    • Is this house going to allow me to retain my flexibility financially to continue to love and serve others? The more you have to pay for the mortgage, the less you have to give away.

Use your home to honor God and continue to make a kingdom impact!

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