Podcast 112 - Marcus Hall and Spiritual Wealth

Marcus Hall and Spiritual Wealth

“When we actually let Him be God, it’s amazing what He will do.”

Stewardship is more than just money, as we say all the time on this podcast. It is a mindset that we do not own what we have, but we have been entrusted to manage these things. But knowing how to manage our finances, our talents, our families, all of that can be challenging, especially if we have the wrong mindset.

Today, Jeremy interviews Marcus Hall, a financial advisor in Alabama. They discuss Marcus’ book Spiritual Wealtha 40-day Journey to Developing a Stewardship Mindset.

Marcus went on a journey last year to address a real need he saw in his community. That is why he wrote this 40 day devotional for a daily dose of developing the right mindset in our lives.

You can purchase a copy of the book here:   https://stewardshipmindset.com/ and when you order, you will gain access to Marc’s Spiritual Wealth Mini-Course and instantly receive the e-book.

You can follow marc on Instagram and Facebook by searching @stewardshipauthor

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