Podcast 110 - Make a Bigger Impact by Paying Less in Taxes

Make a Bigger Impact by Paying Less in Taxes

As Christians, it is our responsibility to steward our money well.

Paying a ton in taxes is not necessarily the best way to do that.

We have a few practical ways you can plan ahead and reduce your taxes. Not for self-centered ends, but to give you the ability to direct those funds to the areas of greatest need in your community, using tax credits, careful investment planning, and working with a wise advisor.

Today, Jeremy and Grant discuss how you can have more money without increasing your income and without cutting expenses. We can all agree that the government is not the most efficient at handling money, right? There are a few simple things you can do throughout the year to pay less in taxes and use the money you have to make a bigger kingdom impact. You should be the one stewarding your funds, not the government. Today’s podcast will equip you with the tools to make sure your money is doing more for your local community and for your future.

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