Podcast 108 - You're Thinking About Your Goals All Wrong

You’re Thinking About Your Goals All Wrong

By now, many people have already given up on New Year’s Resolutions.

Donuts taste too good. If you have given up on your goals, you’re not alone. But I have some even better news: IT’S NOT TOO LATE! You can shift your mindset about your goals right now and get back in the saddle.

In this week’s edition of our Financial Planning series, Jeremy and Grant talk about having the right mindset for setting goals within a financial plan. They talk through the aspects of your future you should consider and what kinds of things you should plan for. Think about how much you want to give to charities or churches, think about what kinds of memories you want to create with your family this year. Think through what kind of lifestyle you want to have in retirement. How will your kids pay for college? All of these questions can feel overwhelming. That’s where it helps to work with a wise advisor to develop a financial plan that is designed to reach your personal goals.

Don’t forget to check out the last few episodes of the Defining Stewardship Podcast if you have missed any in this series. We are taking some time out of the beginning of this year to help you define what good stewardship is in your life.

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