Podcast 106 - How to Lead a Happier Life

How to Lead a Happier Life

It’s okay. You can want more income.

Not only is income the most important piece of your personal financial picture (not controlling expenses and not saving), but you earn income through work. And we were created to work. Work can be praiseworthy! In this week’s Defining Stewardship podcast Jeremy and I discuss the cash flow and give some practical steps to increase your income. One of those steps? Have the proper mindset as it pertains to work. Work is not a punishment. It is an opportunity to serve and love other people. It is an opportunity to fill a need. It is an opportunity to do a thing you were created for! Having this mindset will help you have the proper attitude when working which will impact your efforts. THAT will allow you to earn more income. And that greater income has the potential to quite literally serve God’s kingdom by supporting needs in your community and serving people. Be sure to subscribe as we spend the next few weeks covering some of the steps of creating a financial plan and how to build wealth.

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