Podcast 100 - Ten Things We're Thankful For in 2020 Title Image

Season 4|Episode 20

Ten Things We’re Thankful For in 2020

We have been defining stewardship for 100 episodes!

For us, gratitude is a vital aspect of Stewardship. You have to remember what you have to manage it well.

2020 has been a roller coaster of a year, and it would be easy to think there was nothing good about this year, but with Thanksgiving coming up, Grant and Jeremy each share five things they are grateful for about this year. Every time we encounter unexpected hurdles, we are also given some amazing opportunities, we just need to shift our perspective.

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Details about the giveaway: Follow @stewardship.pro on Instagram, then post a photo of something you’re grateful for in 2020 and tag us. On Tuesday, November 24th we will announce the winner on our Instagram.
Happy 100th Episode, happy Thanksgiving!
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