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Choosing the Right Type of School for Your Kids

There are so many decisions when it comes to sending your kids to school.

We have some wives of Stewardship employees on the podcast this week sharing where their children will attend school this coming fall and explain why this school was the right type of school for their kids! We have Rilie Norton, whose kids are going to a Private Christian school, Jodie Botma, whose kids are all doing different types of homeschooling and hybrid schooling. Jessica Tague is going to be a teacher for a hybrid-type school where her kids will attend, and Christine Ream will be homeschooling her kids full time. There are all different types of ways to give your children an education. There is no “wrong” way! Everyone does things differently because their kids are different! Listen to this episode to learn the steps to choose the right school for your kids!

This episode is not sponsored but, as always, we want to equip you with whatever tools we can to help you be a good steward in your life.

For more info on Hybrid schooling visit https://www.prenda.com/

To learn about Homeschooling Co-ops, go to http://afhe.org/

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