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Can This Quiz Tell You Who You Are?

Enneagram, Meyer’s Briggs, DiSC, BuzzFeed, Disney Princesses…

A quick google search for “personality test” can produce millions of results with websites boasting that they have the best way to know yourself better and understand all of the people around you like some fortune teller with a crystal ball. The truth is, the desire to know yourself and others around you better is healthy, noble even. But it’s important to consider the tools you use to attain that understanding. In today’s podcast, Grant and Daniel talk about personality tests. Are these tests windows into the vast complexity of the human psyche? Can you really know a person deeply based on whether they strongly agree or strongly disagree with 20 different topics? We cover some of the pitfalls of overidentifying with a test like this and how to be a good steward of the desire to know thyself.

Here is a link to the podcast about the Enneagram from Christ, Culture, & Coffee about the Enneagram: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/episode-156-enneagram-christian-or-occultic-marcia/id1371638659?i=1000515404190

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