How to Love New Parents – with Postpartum Doula Jeannie Boschma

Bringing a new baby home changes everything.

Whether it’s your first, second, or seventh, there will always be new challenges and more to do than ever before. You may think that nothing can make this experience any easier- but today, we’re here to offer some hope and some practical ways that you can make bringing home baby a much smoother experience.

In 2022, our friend Jeannie Boschma started Provision Doula Services. She is a postpartum doula who comes in after mom and baby are home to “mother new mothers” and helps in this transitional season. Today, she joined us on the podcast to share her experience and provide wisdom for all of us to love new parents better in our lives.

This episode is for all of us, whether you’ve got the birth bag packed and are waiting for the day, or your adult child is about to step into parenthood themselves so be sure to share this episode!

To learn more about Jeannie and Provision Doula services go to or follow her on Instagram

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