Podcast 117 - Gimme a Break

Gimme a Break

Being busy is almost a badge of honor for many people – but our bodies can survive longer without food than they can without rest.*

So why does it feel like grinding all the time and never taking a break is a good idea?

Today, Grant, Daniel, and Brandon talk about a time in Brandon’s life when he learned the hard way how real burnout can be a problem and what he did to change that trajectory in his life. We talk about the importance of rest, the reality that rest looks different for everyone, and some practical ideas of how to implement rhythms of rest in your daily life.

You are a steward of your time, and rest is a vital piece of how your time needs to be spent.

*Helmenstine, Anne Marie, Ph.D. “How Long You Can Live Without Food, Water, or Sleep.” ThoughtCo, Aug. 27, 2020, thoughtco.com/living-without-food-water-sleep-4138375.

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