Arizona is Paying for Private School! Unless this Petition Goes Through

Arizona has a new law that will provide thousands of dollars to families to help provide a better educational experience for students – but there are organizations trying to put a stop to it.

The Expanded ESA plan is designed to empower Arizona parents to choose the best educational option that fits their needs regardless of zip code or income. Today, Grant and Daniel take time to discuss why school choice is so important, and they talk through the petition that is out there trying to delay the expansion. These organizations are framing the petition as a way to protect public schools, but they are missing the point of the new law altogether.

We strongly encourage everyone to read the law in its entirety. it can be found here:

To find the latest information on the status of the expansion, go to the Arizona Department of Education website here:

We also made a couple of videos that simply explain how the bill works, you can watch them here, and don’t forget to share:

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