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Are You Ready For The Launch? An interview with Amy Carney

Author of Parent On Purpose, Amy Carney joins us today to talk about preparing high schoolers for the launch into the real world.

Are your kids ready to step out on their own?
Amy shares her experience launching 4 kids in ONE YEAR and what she did to make sure she didn’t waste energy worrying about how her kids would handle life’s challenges. We give you some practical wisdom to impart to your birdies before they leave the nest.

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Get your own copy of Amy’s book Parent On Purpose and learn more about what she is doing over at amycarney.com
be sure to check out her blog here for tons of free wisdom: https://amycarney.com/blog/
We talked about this blog in the episode: 3 Things You Need to Teach Your High Schooler Before They Go Away to College
For the checklist, go here:

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