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How to be Intentional with your Kid’s Summer Break

The temperature rising outside means that a summer time is upon us!

Today on the Podcast, we have Jeannie & Samm, who are both Stewardship employees, talk about how to be a good steward of the summer break that our kids have. Bottom line in no matter how you spend your summer break, Be Intentional. You don’t have to plan every moment. Kids often don’t care what you do, they just want time with you. In this episode, Jeannie and Samm share what they have done with their kids over the summer, how they have overcome some challenges, and how you can teach your kids to steward their summertime well! Your call to action is to do one thing intentionally this summer that you will do different this summer than you did last summer. Make sure to share this podcast with another so they can be a good steward of their summer break with their children.

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