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How to Take Care of Aging Parents | An Interview With Kimberly Akers

Today on the podcast we have Jake Norton, and a special guest, Kimberley Akers.

Stewardship recently had a Live Event talking about how to care for Aging Parents. We talked about how emotional it can be and the finances. Most of the questions were about the types of care that our parents need. This is why Kimberley is here today! She owns Amada Senior Care. Kimberley shared her story of how she got into the field of elderly care. God put a passion on her to start this business that would provide quality care in the home, education and resources to adult children. On this episode, Kimberly talks through three different points on to help your aging parents. It is all about the timing, make sure your mindset is in the right place and get a community around you to help! It’s not just one conversation, it will evolved over the years. After listening to this episode, your call to action is to educate yourself!

To Learn More About Amada: https://www.amadaseniorcare.com/mesa-senior-care/

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