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Is Your Career Off Track?

We are talking about changing jobs!

We have Brandon Ream on the podcast who is well equipped to have a conversation about changing jobs and careers. Brandon went from being a History Teacher to being an Insurance Agent at Stewardship. Statistically speaking, we are living in the times where people are changing jobs quicker than ever before. Our hope is to reveal 4 things you need to focus on to help make the decision about changing jobs smoother. We are going to discuss how to walk through Money, Affirmation, Freedom and Purpose when you are trying to be a good Steward of a new career. The danger with career is that people are looking for a specific answer to what they need to do. You may not hear God’s voice say exactly what to do with your career. Making a career change might be one of the hardest things. We hope to encourage you today no matter where you are at in your career!

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