Podcast 023 - Creating Purpose in ANY Job Image

Creating Purpose in ANY Job

You can find hope no matter what job you have.

Work is sometimes going to be hard, but when it gets hard you can think, “What is our purpose?”

There is a reality that a lot of bosses micromanage their employees or they are not good with letting the employees know that they care about them as well as not sharing the purpose of their business. This creates a poor company culture

If you are struggling with your job or your boss, listen to this episode! This does not mean you have to leave your job. You can be the solution and find your purpose on your own. When we remember our purpose, that brings hope.

No matter where you are at in your employee journey, understanding the three fundamental truths that were shared in this podcast, and taking action, it will make the hopeless moments happen less and less.

We hope you feel encouraged and enjoy this episode! Thanks for listening

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