Podcast 020 - New Year, New You, New Way to Think About Money

New Year, New You, New Way to Think About Money

Today is the last podcast of 2021!

We have Daniel, Grant, and Jake talking about finances. If someone doesn’t have their finances in order it can be like there are “Too many chefs in the kitchen.” We are here to tell you today that you have options with Stewardship! We have home loan advisors, investment advisors, insurance advisors. When all your finances are organized you can better understand if you are paying for something that you don’t need to or if there is something missing that you do need. The three points that you can take away with having all your finances taken care of at Stewardship are that you can have easier tracking, better financial planning opportunities, and it will make it easier on spouse and kids when you pass. We love you through your finances all the way through when you do pass away. Having everything under one roof makes that easier.

Go to www.stewardship.pro and check out our website to talk to one of our advisors! We want to help you get your finances organized and make the most of the financial opportunities.

Jake also wrote a blog about this. Read it here: https://stewardship.pro/2021/11/09/having-your-finances-under-one-roof/

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