Podcast 115 - Stewarding Social Media

Stewarding Social Media

Is your Instagram feed perpetuating the comparison trap in your mind?

Is Facebook fueling family feuds? is Twitter taking your treasured time from your kids?

It is not controversial to say that social media is a big deal. It impacts most of our lives, even if you don’t spend much time browsing or posting. The question is not whether social media affects your life, but how it affects your life.

How are you stewarding your social media usage and also your social media influence? We’re not saying you’re an “influencer” but as we discussed in the last episode, you have more influence than you may realize.

In today’s episode, Grant and Daniel discuss some of the ways social media can be used for good or bad, and Grant explains the filter he uses to decide who to follow and what to post. if you want to learn more about stewarding your social presence, listen now!

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