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The One With The Family Argument | Thanksgiving Episode!

We all have that relative.

You know the one. You know all of their opinions because they all but shout them from the rooftops.
It happens every year. You’re waiting for the rolls to finish warming in the oven. You’re refilling your cup with apple cider and then it happens. Someone mentions the president. Or COVID. Or Taxes. Or social issues. Here we go. Buckle up for another world-famous Uncle Grant Rant.
Half the room collectively rolls their eyes.

We’ve all been there. No family agrees on every single issue, we’re just not made that way. So what is the best way to approach these potentially tense situations? For some of us, it’s avoidance, we leave the room, try to nonchalantly change the subject. For others, it’s go-time, first stop confrontation station!

No matter your approach, we could all stand to improve when it comes to the more controversial conversations within our holiday celebrations. After all, no one wants to foil the festivities.

In today’s episode, Grant and Daniel confront the reality that no one fully agrees with everyone else on anything, and offer some practical wisdom on what you can do to ensure your conversations are led by love and result in a peaceful evening for everyone but the turkey.

Share this episode with your family before you carve the turkey this Thanksgiving and you can have a silent night of your very own.

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