Podcast Image - 129 - The Tim Reed Encouragement Tour

The Tim Reed Encouragement Tour

What do you see yourself doing in retirement?

Are you playing three rounds of golf per day? Or are you seeing the sites across America in an RV? Are you relaxing on a beach with a coconut cup and a tiny umbrella or are you kicking back in a rocking chair on the wraparound porch of your cabin in the mountains?

For Tim Reed, retirement looks nothing like any of that! Though Tim took some time to recharge after 40 years of work in ministry and teaching at Arizona Christian University (formerly Southwestern Bible College), he had a different perspective on his retirement years. Tim. is now spending even more time investing in the lives of people than ever before. He is taking his experience, his time, and his love, and showing up for people in ways that would have been next to impossible if he had a full-time job or was raising kids – that’s the beauty of retirement.

Most of us have so much going on in our lives and our time spent discipling others, investing time and treasure into our churches are usually among the first things to go when we need to pare down. That’s not necessarily wrong, life is made up of seasons, and we all have things that need our limited time and attention, but Tim has taken this chance to say no to the 9-5 and yes to sharing his life and resources with anyone he can! And you can too! So grab a coffee, a notebook, and a nice pen and check out this week’s podcast all about stewarding every season of life.

Personally, the porch sounds pretty peaceful right about now.
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