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The Most Seamless Way to Sell Your Current Home and Buy Your Next Home

Timing on your terms • Make upgrades before moving in • Only move once

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Stewardship One Move is less stressful, and less than half the cost of doing this the old way.

Selling your current home and buying your next home without Stewardship One Move could cost you.

  • Losing out on your next home because you are contingent upon selling first.
  • The potential cost to store all your stuff at a storage facility.

  • The hassle of moving twice and potentially paying movers twice.

  • Attempting to wrangle cash for a down payment from a 401(k) loan.

  • Living with in-laws or potentially paying rent at a transitional place to live.

  • The headache of showing your current home to sellers while living in it.

You do not have to jump through all those hoops, pay the extra money, and add stress to your life. Buy your next home with Stewardship and get the most convenient home buying experience possible. Continue living comfortably in your current home as you choose the timing and transition into your next home.

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“I watched two close friends buy a home and use other companies for their mortgages. They expressed frustration with delays and surprise fees, none of which I experienced with Stewardship. I am very grateful to the team for their stellar customer service and above all, integrity. No doubts, I’ll be a lifelong customer.”
Christi Wheeler, Phoenix AZ

How It Works

One Move is not like 72 sold, Open Door, or any other program you have heard of. It is the only program of its kind.

The One Move Process Makes Sense

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This is where we qualify you for a loan on your new home and qualify your current home for the program.

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Use your attractive noncontingent pre-approval from the previous step, and find your next home with your Realtor.

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After you have signed a contract on your next home, we put together the financing and make the purchase final.

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Now that you have closed on your new home you can choose when to move in. Even if you want to do a few upgrades first!

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As you settle into your new home, your Realtor will sell your previous home to close everything out.

Do you have more questions on how the One Move program could work for you? Schedule an appointment with one of our Advisors! We are happy to chat and help answer any questions you have.
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“Why do I need this program?”

Most people are unable to qualify for a new mortgage while their current home still has an open mortgage. Qualifying for a new loan on the next home with your current home’s mortgage on the loan application is tough! So, this requires people to have the loan attached to their current home completely paid off, through the current home’s sale, before a lender will issue a new mortgage for the next home.

But Stewardship One Move is different. Because of our lending track record and specialized contracts, we are able to ignore the mortgage payments on your current home to help you easily qualify for a new mortgage on your next home.

In addition, most people need money from the sale of their current home for the down payment on the next home. Very few people have the cash lying around to make the ideal down payment on the next home happen. This requires folks to sell their current home first so they can get the needed funds from the sales proceeds.

But Stewardship One Move is different. Because of our banking relationships and business capital, we are able to get you early access to your current home’s equity before you sell it. And you can use those funds for more than just a down payment. You can pay for upgrades to your next home before moving in, save for the future, pay off debt, and more!

What’s in it for Stewardship? More Opportunities!

Stewardship does not charge you anything extra when compared to selling your home the traditional way, so I understand any skepticism you may have. Although we earn referral income from your Realtor, and you pay some interest on the equity advance bridge loan attached to your current home, we do not charge extra fees or additional costs to make this program happen. To those who don’t know us, it seems too good to be true.

First and foremost, this program helps us better meet our mission of loving people through finances. Stewardship’s One Move allows us to have an even bigger impact on our community!

Practically speaking, this program allows us the opportunity to earn more business for our other services. Stewardship is a group of many companies that serves people through home loans, insurance, and investments. Stewardship’s One Move helps creates more income for Stewardship Mortgage, Stewardship Insurance, Stewardship Planning, and Stewardship Financial.

Bottom line: This program provides us with more opportunities to grow our income and our impact.

We will meet with you on your terms. In our comfortable office, over the phone, or in a video web meeting. The meeting and the advice are always free.

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What this is, and what this isn't

This is NOT a real estate company set out to replace Realtors.
This IS a program designed to empower people to sell their current home and upgrade to another one with the help of a local trusted Realtor.

This is NOT like 72 Sold, Offer Pad, Open Door, or other iBuyer/Tech platforms.
This IS a one of kind program designed by Stewardship and exclusive to Stewardship. Your Realtor will sell your home for the best price possible on the open market, and this program does not have any additional hidden fees. You pocket more money!

This is NOT a “too good to be true” situation with a “catch”.
This IS an intelligently designed program that took years of experience, relationships, and capital. Although there is a lot involved for Stewardship to make this happen, and a fairly standard financial commitment required from your Realtor, the only difference in cost to you is interest payments on the equity advance bridge loan. And even with that cost, this program is still less than half the total cost of an average real estate transition like this.

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