The affordable, biblical alternative to health insurance.

From a local Advisor who works for you, not the insurance company.


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“Recently, I retired from teaching and although the state offers health insurance, it still is extremely high and it would have made our budget extremely unbearable. Medi-Share has given me a lot more breathing room. I prayed for help, and it was answered with Medi-Share. Thanks to everyone involved who helped me with this plan.”
Tamma Murphy

The government’s Obamacare Health Insurance is expensive and not in line with Christian values.

Medi-share is affordable, biblical, and penalty free.

This program offers budget-friendly options that align with your values by not using your money to cover other people’s procedures you don’t support. Although not insurance, members of Medi-Share are not required to purchase insurance or face financial penalties under the Affordable Care Act.

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What You Get

Customized Medi-Share from a wise and loving Health Plan Advisor that proactively protects your rate at renewal through our Renewal Protection Plan. We give you confidence that the plan you have is right for you.

What It Costs

What you pay for Medi-Share depends on your situation. But as an Independent Insurance Agency we have multiple options to keep your costs low. And meeting with us about Medi-Share is always free.

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Other Medi-Share Benefits

  • Largest PPO network in the USA

  • 24/7 member support

  • Phone & video non-emergency care

  • Discounts on dental

  • Discounts on vision

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“After researching options for health care, I came across Medi-Share, and after researching it a little more, I realized this option would best suit me and my family. After speaking to Ryan, he was able to answer all my questions and walk me through the process of how it differs from typical health insurance. He was able to give me personal examples of how Medi-Share helped him as well as break down the costs for coverage. Thank you for guiding me through this process!”
Meghan Coronado, Paradise Valley AZ

Is Medi-Share right for you?

Here are a few stories from other Medi-Share members.

Your Medi-Share Team

Ryan Delviken
Ryan DelvikenHealth Plan Advisor
Andrea Middleton
Andrea MiddletonPolicy Manager
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