The affordable, biblical alternative to health insurance

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Why Medi-Share?

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Monthly amounts for families average $350. Options to fit every family and Budget.

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Your dollars will never be used for procedures not in line with your values. Connect and pray with members as you meet each other’s needs.

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Penalty Free

Although not insurance, Medi-Share members are exempt from the Affordable Care Act mandate to purchase insurance or face financial penalties.

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Other Perks

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Choose a provider from one of the largest PPO networks in the country, or use your own provider.

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Available 24/7

Members also have 24/7 $0 cost access to providers via phone or video for non-emergency care.

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Dental & Vision

We even offer members discounted dental and vision services.

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What People are Saying about Medi-Share

“Recently, I retired from teaching and although the state offers health insurance, it still is extremely high and it would have made our budget extremely unbearable. Medi-Share has given me a lot more breathing room. I prayed for help, and it was answered with Medi-Share. Thanks to everyone involved who helped me with this plan.”

– Tamma Murphy

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