Matt Curtis

Home Loan Advisor

I was born and grew up in Santa Cruz, California, and love the beach! I met my wife at Arizona Christian University and we have 3 beautiful boys! I love Jesus, being a husband and dad, spending time with my family and serving people. I spend most of my free time with my kiddos on adventures outside and playing games and sports! In my home, we love basketball, football, and the 49ers. Yes, I know I live in Arizona, but when you grow up watching Joe Montana and Steve Young, you don’t just inherit a new team.

We are so thankful to be a part of the Stewardship family. It is an honor to love and serve people in our community through finances.



How I Get Paid

At Stewardship, we have a core value of Transparency. It is not just a word placed on a fancy sign in the office. It is a core belief that we act on every day. Below is an opportunity for you to experience that.

I get paid when a mortgage loan closes. That means advice from me and meetings with me are always free!

On closed loans, Stewardship Mortgage typically has a gross profit of $4998 or 2% of the mortgage loan amount – whichever is less. Yes, you read that correctly. We cap our income at $4998! Most mortgage companies make a lot more than that. In Arizona, gross profit on most mortgage transactions almost always exceeds $8000. Even on “no cost” loans. (Click this link to learn more about the truth of “no cost” loans)

My pay is typically 40% of the gross profit after certain internal costs are paid for.

In summary, I only get paid when I close a loan and the most I ever get paid in a loan is about $1300.

For a more detailed explanation on how mortgage professionals get paid, you can click here.