With Wisdom and Love

Market volatility, combined with a lack of knowledge, can cause fear.

The goal of this page is to eliminate fear by providing knowledge and facts.
That way, you can flourish during economic volatility.

Absord this knowledge through your preferred medium. Below are a list of Blogs, Podcasts, and Videos.


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What happens after a bear market?

With stocks entering a bear market at their fastest pace ever, many people are asking, what’s next. Though the future is always unknown, we can look back at history for clues. Here are three… CLICK TO READ MORE

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Stop Stressing – Constantly checking your balance might hurt your performance

Technology allows you to have 24/7 access to your investment accounts. When you hear about something affecting the stock market in the news… CLICK TO READ MORE

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Stock market wisdom

The past few weeks have been turbulent for the stock market. While we like to remind our clients that drops are normal and part of the journey to building long-term wealth, the speed at which the market dropped was historic. Only a few weeks ago we were near all-time highs!

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When will the market recover?

Has the stock market bottomed? Will it retest its lows? What will the recovery look like? Investing in this market can be unsettling. It’s natural to look forward to the other side when the eventual recovery will happen. We’ve seen a nice bounce recently,

Bear Market Recoveries

No one can predict when a bear market will come, how long it will last, or the length of its recovery, but looking at historical data from previous bear markets can help us gain some perspective on what the recovery has looked like in the past. CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE

History of U.S. Bear & Bull Markets

This chart shows historical performance of the S&P 500 Index throughout the U.S. Bull and Bear Markets from 1926 through June 2019. Although past performance is no guarantee of future results, we believe looking at the history of the market’s expansions and recessions helps to gain a fresh perspective on the benefits of investing for the long-term. CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE