Long Term Care Insurance

Financial stability for elderly care

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Long Term Care includes services that help a person with basic, everyday tasks such as eating and bathing. Care can be provided at home or at a facility such as an assisted-living community or nursing home.

Long Term Care Insurance is designed to pay for the costs of these services.

It’s important to understand who won’t pay for your care. Health insurance, disability insurance, and Medicare will not cover Long Term Care services. Without proper insurance, your only option will be to pay out-of-pocket. This can include money from savings, IRA’s, and even taking out a reverse mortgage on your home.

Who should get Long Term Care Insurance? Anyone in their 50’s and 60’s who is in relatively good health. Because things like chronic pain, diabetes, arthritis, and even memory loss can prevent you from getting insured, it’s important to get covered when you are healthy.

Working with Stewardship means working with someone who genuinely cares about you. We will educate you on your options so that you feel comfortable when planning for your future.

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