Jarred Kuiper

Home Loan Advisor

I started working at Stewardship in the summer of 2014, and have loved it since! Before I worked at Stewardship I was a customer, and after my first experience I honestly thought…wow that would be a cool place to work!

It’s extremely important to me to work for a company that cares more about the customers than the bottom line, and that was evident from my first encounter with Stewardship!

I am a Husband, a Father, and a believer in Christ. I was born and raised in the valley of the sun and am a fan of all Arizona sports. I love spending time with my gorgeous wife Shannon, and my kids, and truly enjoy serving people through the mortgage experience!

Grant Botma Family

How I Get Paid

At Stewardship, we have a core value of Transparency. It is not just a word placed on a fancy sign in the office. It is a core belief that we act on every day. Below is an opportunity for you to experience that.

I get paid when a mortgage loan closes. That means advice from me and meetings with me are always free!

On closed loans, Stewardship Mortgage typically has a gross profit of $4998 or 2% of the mortgage loan amount – whichever is less. Yes, you read that correctly. We cap our income at $4998! Most mortgage companies make a lot more than that. In Arizona, gross profit on most mortgage transactions almost always exceeds $8000. Even on “no cost” loans. (Click this link to learn more about the truth of “no cost” loans)

My pay is typically 40% of the gross profit after certain internal costs are paid for.

In summary, I only get paid when I close a loan and the most I ever get paid in a loan is about $1300.

For a more detailed explanation on how mortgage professionals get paid, you can click here.