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Stewardship is hiring:

5 humbly confident remote Executive Assistants with a servant’s heart.

At Stewardship, we love people through finances. We have an amazing team that is on a mission to serve people well in this way.

Because of this, we are growing! As a result, we need to hire 5 Remote Executive Assistants.

This is where you come in. We are looking for part-time (about 5 to 10ish hours a week) help with assistant and administrative type work. A small sampling of the type of work that needs to be done is as follows:

  • Manage email and social media inboxes
  • Maintain Calendar, schedule meetings, and book appointments
  • Book business and personal travel
  • Ensure that the Advisor you assist is executing their personal and business priorities
  • On occasion come into the office to complete various tasks
  • Drink the nitro cold brew, regular cold brew, or sparkling tea we have on tap in the office
  • Make friends with the team and the team’s family
  • And more

Yes. You read that right. We have a kegerator in the office with unlimited coffee and tea, but we don’t stop there! We also have comfy couches and video games in the break room. We even have flex office space that allows you to bring your kids in to work with you on days you want to come to the office. We also require that you hang out with your co-workers during office hours. We have an amazing team of the most selfless and friendly people around. You get to help make sure that your relationships with these folks are enhanced by doing fun things on the company dime. We really are a family.

A Bit About Stewardship

Unfortunately, everybody has seen the consequences of, or experienced themselves, poor financial decisions without proper education and guidance: A mortgage payment that is too high; excessive fees; high interest; paying too much for insurance; the wrong kind of coverage; making big financial decisions under pressure from “salesmen”; poor investment advice; and these are just a few. These are all financial injustices, and they can easily flood into the rest of our life carrying relationships and marriages downstream with them.

We created Stewardship to take a stand against financial injustice—to be a group of Mortgage, Insurance, and Investment Advisors that serve people with wisdom and love. Getting to know you, understanding your needs, and empowering you with relevant information is what we want to do. Our business isn’t to solely perform transactions. Stewardship aims to build genuine relationships with people and provide home loans, insurance, and investments with openness, education, and real answers. Simply put, we love people through finances.

How You’ll Work at Stewardship

We work really hard to make working at Stewardship an amazing experience. In addition, we have a team of truly exceptional people that have genuine care for one another. Relationships are a key to what we do – externally with our customers and internally with each team member. Here is how it operates:

The Best and Most Flexible Schedule Ever

This position is not 40 hours a week. As a matter of fact, you are not allowed to work that much for this position. As stated above, the hours will average 10ish hours a week. Our “office hours” are 9am to 6pm, but you get to pick when you want to work. With working remote, you get to choose the best time to work each day, that fits your needs! For example, if you are a Mom with kids who go to school, you can take your kids to school in the morning, work after that, and then stop working in time to pick them back up from school. That said if you have things going on at home that afternoon, and you want to work an earlier day – do it! If you have something going on in the morning and you want to work late – great! Bottom line, as long as you are getting things done you can choose what your workday looks like. Most of the tasks associated with this position have a 24 hour turn time. So, that gives you the freedom to complete the tasks at almost any time day or night.

Up Your Game

We are serious about helping you become a master of your craft. We will provide you with any necessary equipment for the job, but we want to give you any other piece of equipment that might make you better at your job. It could be something small like a special pen you like to use, or something bigger like adding a monitor because you multitask that well. It doesn’t matter. We even have quarterly training that you get to be a part of with the other Admins on staff. That way you can build relationships with your co workers as you learn and grow together. We all work hard. Serving people and selflessly putting others needs above your own needs is not easy. That is why we will do whatever we can to provide you with the tools, equipment, and training so that you are good at your job. We want you doing work and feeling like you are awesome at what you do.

Put Family First

You must ALWAYS (in a friendly, ALL CAPS YELLING way) put your family before Stewardship. We take this seriously. If you get a text or call from a family member in the middle of work, and you need to be with that family member – do it! If a child is sick at home, and you need to be home with them – stay at home! Stewardship will always support you putting your family first. Will we miss you when you are gone? YES! You will be a vital member of our team. We need dependable people who we can count on to be a part of the team. However, everyone at Stewardship chooses to love you and your family before loving the work you do.


  • Work at home or in an environment that works best for you.
  • Work a schedule or at a time of day that is best for you.
  • Be equipped with the office resources that you need to do your job well.
  • Bring your kids into the office and use the available flex/family office.
  • Unlimited Sick Time, Vacation Time, Time Off, and take a mandatory week “unplug”.
  • Get 50% off a Financial Plan
  • Get 50% off an Estate Plan

Who You Would Be Working With

We are seeking to hire Remote Executive/Personal Assistants for the following employees

Grant Botma

Brian Ream

Jarred Kuiper

Ryan Delviken

Jean Klinkhamer

Although you would be an employee of Stewardship and part of the entire Stewardship Team, you would primarily be a Remote Executive/Personal Assistant to one of the 5 members listed above.

To learn more about each of these individuals you can head on over to the “About Us” section of our website (https://stewardship.pro/about-us/) OR you can click on the names above to be directed to the bio page of each person.

Required Experience and Certifications

None. That’s right. You do not need any industry experience, prior work history, certifications, or licenses. The primary prerequisite to working at Stewardship is being able to genuinely put others needs before your own. You need to be selfless.

That said, you will likely enjoy this job more if you love to organize, help others be productive, and play a behind the scenes role that helps others win.

Other Tidbits

We’re all adults. There’s no need for rigid work hours, scheduled breaks, and lunches. If you need to leave early, just ask. If you need to take a longer break or lunch, do it. If you need to go out of town or take a vacation, have fun! As long as you are getting your stuff done, and the Advisor you are assisting is set up for success and all the customers are properly being loved through finances, that is all that matters. Put other’s needs first, do your job well, and have freedom in it.

We make a huge positive difference in the lives of people in our community. You may not think that an assistant role or administrative work can be impactful, but it is. This is not a job. This is not a career. This is a calling and a mission that you can be a part of.

What do other employees say about working at Stewardship?

How To Apply

If you would like to apply for this position, simply email your resume to grant@stewardship.pro. Once you have emailed the resume, send a text message to Grant at 602-777-3478.

Below is a button that allows you to download a PDF of the full Job Description. Please read before sending your resume.

Executive Assistant Job Description