Gathering & Submitting Documentation

Watch the video for a very clear understanding on best practices for gathering proper documentation for your home loan.
Below are step by step guidelines and pro tips to ensure you are simplifying your loan process.

Step 1 – Create Your Maxwell Account

  • You will receive an email invitation from directing you to create your Maxwell account. Maxwell is a cloud based tool we use to communicate, gather, and share necessary documents needed to complete your loan.

Step 2 – Login To Your Maxwell Account

  • Once you’ve logged in you will see your tasks that must be completed to move forward. Closely follow the instructions in Maxwell to ensure ALL your documents are uploaded correctly.

Step 3 – Read & Follow The Pro Tips Below

  • They are extremely important and will significantly help this process go smoothly.


  1. Providing proper documentation in PDF form is KEY to creating the most successful mortgage experience possible.
  2. Do not upload screen shots, they are not compliant with mortgage lending guidelines, and cannot be used for the transaction.
  3. All pages of bank statements must be uploaded, even ones “intentionally left blank” Uploading these as individual pages in any format other than PDF generally results in more work for you as the borrower during the transaction. Downloading FULL electronic copies of bank statements is essential to a good transaction.
  4. Uploading a picture of your driver’s license taken with your phone IS the only non PDF document that is a good idea!
  5. Naming your documents makes our jobs easier, and things move more quickly.