Home Buying Game Plan

A free plan to eliminate the unknown and give you confidence.

It does not matter if you are 3 months or 3 years away from buying a home. A Home Buying Game Plan will make your purchase better when your time comes!

Meet with a Home Loan Advisor

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The number one mistake you can make when buying a home? Not having a plan.

Without a plan you may not be able to:

  • Properly optimize your credit score before buying

  • Understand how much out of pocket you really need
  • Decide the right way to allocate the cash you already have

  • Earn the best interest rate and payment possible

  • Know how to choose the best home for your family

  • Realize all the options that are available for you

Buying a home is not complicated, but most people have gaps in knowledge to give them the full confidence they deserve. A Home Buying Game Plan from Stewardship will help put you in the best situation possible by providing free information from a licensed Home Loan Advisor.


“During my meeting with Stewardship I felt very at eas and was more informed than I ever thought I would be. They allowed me to feel the trust that I needed and opened my eyes to multiple possibilities towards our future home purchase. We continue to stay in contact and are totally moving in the right direction. This is an awesome experience and I can’t wait to see where this road leads.”

Eric Newman, Gilbert AZ

What It Costs

Leave your wallet and pen at home

The Home Buying Game Plan does not require any payment or signed commitment from you. We simply create a fun and relaxing environment to empower you with knowledge that helps you on your home-buying journey.

  • No payments
  • No signatures
  • No commitments

A free Home Buying Game Plan delivered with wisdom and love from a licensed and experienced Home Loan Advisor.

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How It Works

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Schedule an Appointment

At our relaxed office, over the phone, or connect via video at a time that is best for you.

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Enjoy a Relaxed Meeting

Experience confidence as you are empowered with knowledge from a licensed Advisor.

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Recieve Your Plan

After the meeting, we deliver to you your custom Home Buying Game Plan

Schedule a Home Buying Game Plan appointment with a Home Loan Advisor!

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“I have met with Stewardship twice now to talk about mortgages. They are knowledgable and great at teaching me stuff. I still haven’t bought a house, but they never are pushy or tried to get me into a bad deal just to make a buck. They have always focused on meeting my family’s needs!””

Daniel C, Gilbert AZ

What You Get

There are three parts of your finances that are used to qualify for a home loan. Your credit, income, and assets. We take a look at each of those areas and give you a realistic picture of where you are by showing you how it compares to current lending guidelines. This helps you understand what rate, payment, and purchase price you would qualify for today, and what steps you can take to improve before you purchase a home.

Then we deliver to you an easy-to-read PDF with your customized plan. 

We are here for you after the Game Plan is delivered. Should you have any questions, comments, or concerns you can always give us a call, send us an email, or shoot us a quick text.


More than a free meeting with a licensed Home Loan Advisor…

After the meeting, we will deliver to you a 10-page plan that outlines your next steps, and provide a video walkthrough of your personalized plan.

  • But what types of homes are realistic?
  • What neighborhoods can be a part of your plan?
  • How can you find out what homes look and feel like?

We will connect you with one of our Real Estate Advisors to give you free access to a customized search portal of homes. This is better than fumbling through all of the available homes on Zillow. This is a personalized search that meets your needs, is in line with your plan, and gives automatic email updates as the market changes. That way you can have fun with some relevant window shopping online!

BONUS: Our Real Estate Advisors also provide free Discovery Trips! These are no-obligation trips that allow you to see and feel homes and neighborhoods in your qualifying ranges. Leave your checkbook and pen at home. These are relaxing not committal trips that allow you to dream and further discover what it actually looks like to buy a home.

Your Team of Advisors

Jarred Kuiper
Jarred KuiperHome Loan Advisor
Brian Ream
Brian ReamHome Loan Advisor
Matt Curtis
Matt CurtisHome Loan Advisor

Everything you need under one roof!

Stewardship Mortgage is affiliated with the entire family of Stewardship companies. Although you are allowed to use any real estate or insurance company you want, we can add convenience, create a more streamlined experience, and lower costs by keeping everything in house.

Stewardship Realty is not only willing to create a custom search portal for you, but they give clients thousands of dollars to use at closing at the time of purchase. This reduces your costs! In addition, Stewardship Insurance can help you obtain a robust Home Warranty that meets your needs, and find a Home Owners Insurance policy with the proper coverage at a competitive price.

All of this creates fewer calls, less homework, and less to keep track of as you buy your home. We make it easy!

Connect With Our Team

“This was my first time speaking with any financial advisor and I was super hesitant, but even just one meeting I felt ready to take on any mortgage! Jarred was patient and kind and explained everything in plain English to me and multiple times if I needed without batting an eye! I would recommend anyone to Stewardship. If you are a first time home buyer especially, call Stewardship. He made me feel like family because he genuinely cares about my feelings and how everything works out. Thank you for helping me and walking me through my first time getting a loan, Jarred! You made it a great, stress free process!”

Danielle Blaylock

A Free Home Buying Game Plan delivered by our licensed Home Loan Advisors

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