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Do you wonder if certain financial decisions are being made correctly?

  • Are you wondering where account to keep your emergency fund in? Be efficient with the return on that cash?

  • Are you wondering what is the best use of excess income?

  • Do you have confidence that the insurance you have is best for your situation?

  • Do all of your workplace beneift options confuse you? 401(k) choices? Health Plans? Other Insurance?

  • Do you ever wonder if you should use cash for large purchases or wisely leverage financing?

  • Do you have an active plan in place to assist the financial future of your children?

  • Would you like to pay less taxes on your income and on your investments?

  • Are you certain about financial provision for your family in the event of death or disability?

  • Do you have a desire to be more generous, but unsure how to take proactive steps to safely live it out?

This is a Financial Plan with an ongoing Financial Advisor relationship who is there for all of life’s important financial questions.

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This is more than planning for your retirement. This is a relationship with a wise advisor to give you confidence about your life’s finances.

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Come to our relaxed office, talk over the phone, or connect via video to discuss your needs.

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Receive Wise Advice

Recieve an actionable plan that considers all of life’s important financial situations.

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Experience Peace

Enjoy an ongoing relationship with a wise Advisor who helps make finances enhance life.

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What makes Financial Plan with us so different?

At Stewardship we know that you want to be confident about your finances so you can enjoy your life. In order to do that, you need your finances handled wisely by a loving and trusted Advisor. The problem is most Advisors are only interested in managing your invesetments for retirement planning. That leaves you feeling frustrated because you need financial advice throughout your life leading up to retirement.

We beleive that Financial Advisors should do more than manager your 401(k). They should be there to proactively answer all of life’s important financial questions, and gve you confidence through an ongoing Financial Plan.

This is why we created our 10 point Financial Plan, and intentionally engineered a customer experience that ensures you get the financial advice throughout your life when you need it most.

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Your Financial Advisors

Jeremy Sharp, ChFC®
Jeremy Sharp, ChFC®Financial Advisor | Co-Founder
Jake Norton
Jake NortonFinancial Advisor | Co-Founder
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The 10 point financial plan detailed

Emergency Fund Planning:
There are short term checking accounts, and there are long term saving retirement accounts. But what about the in between? How much should you have in an emergency fund, and where should you put that money? We help you understand the amount of money you should have in an Emergency Fund, and what type of account the money should be in to ensure the proper combination of return and flexibility.
Debt Decision Making:
Should you pay cash or get a loan? If you do get a loan, how much of your cash should you put down? Is the loan you are considering good for you? We want to help you be wise in the way you use debt. We help you identify good debt vs bad debt with an individualized mathematical approach that works best for your personal financial situation. This not only helps you take on debt intelligently, but it help you pay off debt efficiently.
Wise Insurance Review (checkup?):
Most of us have the standard insurance products like Auto, Home, and Life. But what about the other insurance? Do you really need it? Which ones are a waste of money? And are you paying too much for your current insurance? No one likes insurance, but there are times when it is a necessary evil. We help you understand what is necessary and protect you form what is evil.
Work Benefit Decisions (selection?):
HR paperwork is overwhelming. Health Insurance, 401(k), stock options, and disability insurance are just a few of the benefits your work may offer to you. But which ones should you participate in, and at what level? We help you get the most out of what you need for your personal situation.
Planning For Your Kids Future:
You want the best for your kids. It is why you work so hard for them! But are the right plans in place to make sure your hard work isn’t being wasted? College saving? Buying them a car? Paying for their braces? Buying them a house when they get married? Helping them start a business? We help you create a road-map that encourages the preferred financial future you want for your children.
Pay Less Taxes:
This goes beyond making sure you keep the most amount of money on your paycheck. We work behind the scenes to ensure your investments and retirements accounts are tax efficient to increase returns. We also help you pay the least amount of taxes during various life changes, and ensure you can be generous with your income and assets.
Legal Documents For Your Family:
You have heard of things like a Will, Trust, and various Power of Attorney documents. But what exactly are they for and do you need them? We examine the entirety of your personal financial situation, and compare it to your family situation, to identify what Legal Documents you need in place. You have worked hard to create a legacy for your family. Don’t let poor planning rob you of it!
Retirement Planning:
How much should I save for retirement? What do I want my lifestyle to be? When should I sell my business? Roth or Traditional? When should I take Social Security? What if it’s not there? What Medicare plan is right for me? These are questions we answer, giving you confidence so you can sleep at night.
Investment Management:
Mutual Funds, Stocks, Bonds, Real Estate and more. We manage your investments to ensure proper return and align them with your financial goals. But, more importantly, we make sure your investments align with your values.
Be Financially Generous:
One of the most joyful things you can do is give money away. And nothing energizes a marriage like being generous together. All of the above not only helps you live generously with confidence, but adds another beautiful purpose to your life – Making an impact with your finances.