Mortgage Do’s & Don’ts

Please thoroughly read this recommendation to properly set your expectations.
Following these recommendations will help create a better home loan experience.

You are applying for a home loan and are in the process of attempting to obtain a home loan. There are many “Do’s” and “Don’ts” associated with this process. You do not have a home loan yet, and there is no guarantee the home loan will be completed. Nothing is final until the loan closing documents have been signed, the loan has funded at the title company, and recorded with the county recorder’s office. Following the below recommendations will help ensure a smoother loan process for you. I want you to have the best home loan experience possible. Please read these recommendations and follow to the best of your ability.

  • Do not obtain any new debt
  • Do not change employment
  • Do not move large amounts of assets without first consulting with me
  • Do provide information and documentation to me as soon as you are able
  • Do ask me questions as much as you would like
  • Do share your experience with others as you are going through it
  • Do not make any large purchases
  • Do not schedule movers until keys are in hand
  • Do not schedule any renovations or work to be done until after the transaction is final

I realize that some of these recommendations may be inconvenient. However, in my experience, people that follow these recommendations have a much better home loan process. The truth is there are so many moving parts in a mortgage transaction. So many things that cannot be finitely controlled. As a result, it is best to be flexible and wait on many things until all is final.

Thank you!