Discovery Trip

Walk through homes for sale without a cost or commitment.

Go beyond online pictures. Experience homes and neighborhoods in person and truly discover what is out there.

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Receive Wise Advice Image
Receive Wise Advice Image
Receive Wise Advice Image
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Meet In Comfort Image

Most people make the mistake of viewing homes for sale too late.

They wait until days or weeks before they are ready to buy rather than starting the process months or years in advance.
Without viewing homes earlier you may experience:

  • Inaccurate grasp on what is available

  • Not enough time to view the right neighborhoods

  • Overwhelming buyer’s remorse

  • Limited focus and added stress to choosing a home

Buying a home can be a lot of fun! But most people limit their enjoyment and confidence in the process because they limit their information gathering to only viewing homes online..


“I am a first-time homebuyer and Nate was just awesome! Nate took me on a discovery trip to look at homes and helped me feel more comfortable in knowing what I’m looking for and what I’m not. There are so many scams out there and Nate showed me exactly what to look for. Such a teacher’s heart. I highly recommend him!”

Kerra Gibbens, Phoenix AZ

What It Costs

Leave your wallet and pen at home

Most Real Estate Agents require a signed commitment or loan prequalification before they will show you homes. Not us! There is no cost, contract, or commitment to go on a Discovery Trip.

Not an inconvenience. It’s a joy!

Some people feel like they are wasting a Real Estate Agent’s time if they want to walk through a home without being a “serious buyer”. That is not how we think of it. Walking through homes earlier creates a more educated and confident buyer when their “serious” time comes.

A Discover Trip is laid back and fun!


How It Works

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Schedule an Appointment

Pick a time in our calendar to view homes that works best for you.

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Choose the Homes to View

Give us an address or choose from a personalized list that we provide.

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View the Homes

Enjoy a relaxing walk through of homes and discover what is out there!

Schedule An Appointment

Thousands of Dollars at Closing

Real estate agents earn a standard commission from the seller when they help you buy a home. We believe this commission is too much. So, when your time comes to purchase a home, we give excess commission to you to use at closing. We not only use these Discovery Trips and 50+ years of combined industry experience to help you find the right floor plan, in the right neighborhood, and at the right price, but we have created a refreshing approach to buying a home that could give thousands to you at closing.

A purchase process designed to benefit you when your time comes.


No Pressure. No Sales.
Just Advisors serving you with wisdom and love.

We have a legal fiduciary responsibility to work for you and meet your needs first. So, pressuring you into buying a home outside of your timing is not only scummy and weird, but it’s illegal.

We believe that buying a home should be done on YOUR time. No Real Estate salesperson should push you into that time.

  • But what types of homes are realistic?
  • What neighborhoods can be a part of your plan?
  • How can you find out what homes look and feel like?

It’s an honor and privilege to answer these questions and properly prepare you for your home purchase through a free Discovery Trip!

Your Team of Real Estate Advisors

Mark Shipley
Mark ShipleyLead Real Estate Advisor
Justin Donnell
Justin DonnellReal Estate Advisor
Nate Swartz
Nate SwartzReal Estate Advisor

More than choosing the right home

At Stewardship we are a team of Real Estate, Home Loan, Insurance, and Investment Advisors. Although you are allowed to use any mortgage or insurance company you want, we can add convenience, create a more streamlined experience, and lower costs by keeping everything in house.

Stewardship Mortgage even offers FREE Home Buying Game Plans! So, should you want to eliminate any financial unknown and put yourself in the best spot possible – we can help! It does not matter if you are 3 months or 5 years away from buying a home. A Home Buying Game Plan will make your purchase better when your time comes.

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