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My Bio

I am a small town guy living in a big city trying to make an impact on the world by following Jesus and loving people. I was born and raised in Camp Verde, AZ and lived there until I moved to the valley to attend college. I graduated from Arizona Christian University in 2010 with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration which led me to start working for the University of Phoenix for the next three years in the enrollment and student services departments. While working there, I was also able to complete my MBA. I’ve been living in Gilbert since 2013 and absolutely love it here. I married my beautiful wife in August of 2015 and hanging out with her is by far my most favorite thing to do. We have an amazing young boy, named Chase. He is an energetic, social butterfly just like his mom and he loves being around people. I am also a huge AZ sports fan, I love playing fantasy football and basketball, I love watching movies, and I love serving at our local church. I consider myself incredibly blessed to work for an amazing company like Stewardship and to be able to serve and love people through the process of obtaining a mortgage.

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Brian and Heather

How I Get Paid

At Stewardship, we have a core value of Transparency. It is not just a word placed on a fancy sign in the office. It is a core belief that we act on every day. Below is an opportunity for you to experience that.

I get paid when a mortgage loan closes. That means advice from me and meetings with me are always free!

On closed loans, Stewardship Mortgage typically has a gross profit of $3750 or 2% of the mortgage loan amount – whichever is less. Yes, you read that correctly. We cap our income at $3750! Most mortgage companies make a lot more than that. In Arizona, gross profit on most mortgage transactions almost always exceeds $5000. Even on “no cost” loans. (Click this link to learn more about the truth of “no cost” loans)

My pay is typically 40% of the gross profit after certain internal costs are paid for.

In summary, I only get paid when I close a loan and the most I ever get paid in a loan is about $1300.

For a more detailed explanation on how mortgage professionals get paid, you can click here.