2019 Real Estate Review

By |2020-01-14T21:31:39-07:00January 14th, 2020|

Last week we reviewed what the stock market did in 2019.  This week, we focus on the real estate market in an interview with special guest, Mr. Jean Klinkhamer. [...]

What is a Reverse Mortgage?

By |2019-12-17T20:41:08-07:00December 17th, 2019|

The reverse mortgage is a taboo financial product. Dave Ramsey calls them a scam. They are confusing and prone to abuse. However, academic research supports their responsible use. In [...]

We Give Thanks

By |2019-11-27T00:37:07-07:00November 26th, 2019|

It’s not uncommon this time of year to see thankfulness challenges on social media. The holiday season tends to be not only one of giving, but a time of [...]