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“I was paying too much with my current insurance provider, State Farm. I was referred to Brandon by a co-worker because of his excellent customer service and the fantastic rates he could get. I am saving about $1,200 a year by switching my auto and renters insurance through a company Brandon recommended.”

John Sentell, Tempe AZ

What You Get

Customized Auto Insurance from a wise and loving Insurance Advisor that proactively protects your rate at renewal through our Renewal Protection Plan.

What It Costs

What you pay for Auto Insurance depends on your situation. But as an Independent Insurance Agency we have multiple options to keep your costs low.

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When your Insurance Agent works for one company, they have no other options for you at renewal.

Stewardship Insurance is 100% independent.

We take your current insurance needs and compare them with a wide range of insurance providers that we have contracts with. This allows us to see who offers you the best deal possible. The best part? It doesn’t cost you a penny more to use us. We are compensated by the insurance carriers directly, and work on your behalf to properly cover your needs.

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Your Auto Insurance Advisors

Brandon Ream
Brandon ReamInsurance Advisor | Co-Founder of Stewardship Insurance
Joy Smith
Joy SmithPolicy Manager | Stewardship Insurance
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To reduce your auto insurance costs, you can tailor your policy to fit your needs. Stewardship has options like discounts for having multiple policies, being a good student, and using telematics devices. To learn more about Telematics Devices and other customization options you can read this blog.

Common Auto Insurance Rating Variables

Credit — credit is a metric that has been used in insurance scoring for many years. The better your credit, the more favorable your rates will usually be. Car — the type of car, engine size, safety features, etc.. are all par of the rate of course. Driving History — your driving record and loss history plays a substantial role in the price. If you have a spotty driving history, or multiple moving violations or accidents, chances are, you won’t get a preferred rate until those things are at least 3 years old. Household — insurance companies underwrite at the household level, meaning they try to judge based on the entire household, what the probability of loss will be. If there are multiple drivers in the house who are under the age of 25, that will impact everyone’s pricing in the household

Important Auto Insurance Coverages

Helping you understand your policy is one of many things we do as your Insurance Agent. Here are a few common terms that are worth explaining now. Collision Coverage covers damage to your car in an accident with an object. Comprehensive Coverage covers non-object damage, like theft or hitting an animal. Property Damage covers damage you cause to someone else’s property. Bodily Injury Liability covers the other party’s medical bills if you injure them in an accident. Uninsured/Underinsured Liability covers you if the other party doesn’t have enough insurance. It’s important to have adequate coverage since you can’t control other drivers’ insurance. We can help make sense of each coverage so you can confidently customize your policy to what you need.