About Jake Norton

Jake is a co-founder and investment advisor at Stewardship Financial. In his role he gets to help people make smarter decisions on how to invest their money.

Budget vs Financial Plan

By |2021-03-23T15:28:16-07:00March 23rd, 2021|

Both a budget and a financial plan are ways to create a blueprint for your money. But what’s the difference and how do you figure out which one you need?Both [...]

Why I Don’t Budget

By |2021-02-09T09:24:05-07:00February 9th, 2021|

I have a confession: I don’t budget. I’m not anti-budgeting. In fact, I think someone who tracks their spending has a leg up on the person who doesn’t. But [...]

Term vs Whole Life Insurance

By |2021-01-26T11:59:09-07:00January 26th, 2021|

Out of these two types of life insurance, which is better? Here’s a clue—they each have a different purpose. Because of this, people shouldn’t be deciding between term life [...]

Finances In Your 50’s

By |2021-01-12T08:28:30-07:00January 12th, 2021|

Your 50’s are a great time to get serious about planning for retirement. By making specific, actionable plans now, you can maximize your retirement goals during these critical years. [...]

Do I Need a Financial Plan?

By |2021-01-04T10:26:11-07:00December 29th, 2020|

If you’ve ever thought about your money, you’ve participated in financial planning.  Financial planning is simply taking a look at your finances. It can be informal—just evaluating your spending, [...]