About Jake Norton

Jake is a co-founder and investment advisor at Stewardship Financial. In his role he gets to help people make smarter decisions on how to invest their money.

Why Do Stocks Go Up?

By |2022-08-05T12:31:15-07:00July 26th, 2022|

You invest in stocks because you believe their value will increase over time; but have you ever wondered why they go up? If you know the answer it will [...]

Reverse Mortgages: A Case Study

By |2022-03-28T14:30:21-07:00March 29th, 2022|

Today’s retirees are increasingly dependent on their investment portfolios to provide for their income. Since pensions are less common, the risks have fallen on them to deal with producing [...]

Inflation Protection Plan

By |2022-02-01T10:48:56-07:00February 1st, 2022|

Inflation rose by seven percent in 2021, the largest increase since 1981. Not only was inflation high last year, it could remain elevated in 2022 and beyond. The messaging [...]