We are thankful you took the time to fill out the Appointment Request Form and honored you have considered Stewardship for Investment Management advice.


Based on your answers this is what we know:

  1. We think it’s wrong to charge for something you don’t need and/or wont use.
  2. Because we think it’s wrong, at this time, you probably don’t need to meet with a financial advisor.
  3. The content in the video and on this page was specifically and thoughtfully made just for you.
  4. We will call you and answer any specific questions you need answered.


Next Steps In Your Journey


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Develop a habit of saving

Every time money comes in, no matter how much, always put something away. This consistent saving habit is the first step to growing wealth, and a financial advisor can not help you with this discipline.


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Get familiar with investing

Deposit money you are saving into a non-qualified investment account. Betterment is a great place to start. Open an account at It only takes a couple minutes and it’s so simple you don’t need a financial advisor to do it.


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With other wise advisors

After saving and getting familiar with investing, it’s wise to look at other financial areas that might need attention. For this, seek out advisors for your Home, Auto, Health, and Life Insurance, Estate Planning, and Home Loan needs.

Need help getting started with investing and the Betterment App?
This video is for you.

“I don’t want you to be charged by an investment advisor or a financial advisor for services you don’t need or services you are not going to use.”

– Grant Botma

Frequently Asked Questions
That Might Be Helpful

All the questions below are great questions, however, they are NOT questions best answered by an Investment Advisor. These questions, and many others, should be answered by a wise, industry specific professional. If you have any of the following question please click the appropriate button below and we will connect you with one of Stewardship’s wise advisors who will be honored to help you.

Home Loan ?’s

  • Should I buy a home?
  • Should I refinance?
  • Should I pull out cash?
Chat with a home loan advisor

Estate Planning ?’s

  • Should I have a written plan?
  • Do I need a Will?
  • Do I need a Trust?
Chat with an estate planner

Life Insurance ?’s

  • Do I need Life Insurance?
  • How much should I get?
  • Is it expensive?
Chat with an insurance advisor