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Grant Botma
Grant BotmaFounder of Stewardship Mortgage, Insurance, Planning & Financial
Jake Norton
Jake NortonInvestment Advisor | Co-Founder of Stewardship Financial & Planning
Brandon Ream
Brandon ReamInsurance Advisor | Co-Founder of Stewardship Insurance
Brian Ream
Brian ReamHome Loan Advisor
Jarred Kuiper
Jarred KuiperHome Loan Advisor
Ryan Delviken
Ryan DelvikenInsurance Advisor
Brian Baker
Brian BakerChief Operating Officer
Samantha Marroquin
Samantha MarroquinExecutive of Belonging | Community Involvement, Customer & Employee Experience
Daniel Christy
Daniel ChristyMedia Producer
Marshall Tague
Marshall TagueConnection Engineer | Marketing & Automation
Joy Smith
Joy SmithRenewal Specialist | Stewardship Insurance
Jeannie Boschma
Jeannie BoschmaExecutive Assistant
Christine James
Christine JamesDocument Manager |Stewardship Mortgage
Antoinette Harris
Antoinette HarrisCustomer Service Specialist | Stewardship Insurance
Matt Curtis
Matt CurtisMortgage Transaction Manager
Denise Gutwein
Denise GutweinBookkeeper
Andrea Middleton
Andrea MiddletonExecutive Assistant
Donna Rivituso
Donna RivitusoClient Connection Manager
Jordan Meek
Jordan MeekSocial Media Manager
Jean Klinkhamer
Jean KlinkhamerVice President of Private Money Lending
Mike Zins
Mike ZinsVice President of Private Money Lending

The Stewardship Story

As life progresses, we find ourselves looking to buy a house, weighing different insurance policies, and trying to build wealth. Those things are tough to do correctly when we do not have the proper information.

Unfortunately, everybody has seen the consequences of, or experienced themselves, poor financial decisions without proper education and guidance: A mortgage with excessive fees or a rate that is not competitive; improper insurance coverage; terrible customer service; poor investment advice; paying too much taxes; just to name a few. These are all financial injustices, and they can easily flood into the rest of our life carrying relationships and marriages downstream with them.

When I read about and witnessed these financial injustices, I felt sick. Even now, as I write this and think about these things, my stomach churns. It makes me angry, and I want to stop it wherever I can. It is that passion that is the driving force behind Stewardship.

We created Stewardship to take a stand against financial injustice—to be a group of companies that can educate and guide people through mortgages, insurance, financial planning, and investments. The mortgage, insurance, or financial plan your neighbor has may not be what is best for you. Getting to know you, understanding your needs, and empowering you with relevant information is what we want to do. Our business isn’t to solely perform transactions. No one wants to make big financial decisions under pressure from “salesmen”. Stewardship aims to build genuine relationships with people and provide home loans, insurance, and investments with wisdom and love.

-Grant Botma
Founder of Stewardship

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