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Would you believe me if I told you that almost all lenders have the ability to offer the same interest rate on a home loan? It’s true! For the most part, all lenders work from the same set of available market interest rates on any given day. 

If this is the case, why shop around for a mortgage at all? Because the cost to obtain the best interest rate is different with each lender. 

When comparing mortgage options from multiple lenders, it’s important to consider both the interest rate and fees associated with each loan to find the best option. Not all lenders are created equal. Although all lenders (for the most part) have the ability to offer the same rates, some lenders have higher operating costs and require more profit per transaction. As a result, the cost to obtain the same rate will be different at each lender.

For example, lender A is offering a rate of 6.000% on a 30-year fixed with a cost of $1500, but lender B is offering a rate of 6.000% on a 30-year fixed with no cost. The best option is obvious. Lender B is offering the same rate at a lower cost. 

Where it gets complicated is when lender B is offering a rate of 6.000% on a 30-year fixed with no cost, but lender C is offering a rate of 5.875% at a cost of $5500. Which one is better? There is some simple math that can help you determine which of these options is mathematically best. But no one wants to do that math, so I am going to teach you a simple trick to finding the best lender without it.


Too often people think the lowest rate wins. But as I mentioned above, you must also compare the costs associated with each rate. When comparing options from multiple lenders, the best thing you can do is ask each lender to offer the same rate and ask what the costs are associated with obtaining that rate. Because all rates will be equal, it will be easy to find the best lender–the one with the lower costs.  


Most lenders do not give you their best on the first offer. The industry trains their sales professionals to try and make as much money off of each loan as possible. As a result, most lenders have the ability to make adjustments to the costs associated with the rate. 

Doesn’t that feel icky? I think so too. That is one of the reasons why I created Stewardship Mortgage. I believe everyone should get the best deal possible right away without being a master negotiator.

This approach frustrates a lot of our competition. We are almost always the best option when people compare our offer to another lender. Sometimes lenders report us to the AZ Department of Financial Institutions because they think what we offer is unbelievable. The truth is, we are intentional and efficient with our operations and have a flat fee structure. This allows us to be extremely competitive.

Other times lenders attempt to match our offer and make adjustments to their initial offer. This might sound like a good gesture, but is it really? You may want to ask yourself:

Why didn’t they offer me this deal in the first place? Can I trust them to do their best as they work to obtain for me the largest financial commitment of my life?

When shopping for a mortgage remember, the lowest rate isn’t always the best option. It’s crucial to be wary of lenders who may not offer their best deal up front and be mindful of who you trust to handle the largest financial commitment of your life. By using these tips, you can find the best lender and mortgage option to fit your needs and budget.

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