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Finding the perfect home can be time-consuming and most people spend hours clicking through online listings months or even years before they ever make a purchase. But browsing online is only part of the process and doesn’t provide the full experience that comes with viewing homes in person.

This is where Stewardship Realty comes in. We understand you need more than just pictures to make an informed decision about your next home which is why we offer free discovery trips to help you find the perfect house without any cost or commitment.

When you limit your home search to online listings you might be left wondering if the pictures are real or if they’re heavily edited using Photoshop. You might also be unsure of what the home actually feels like or if the neighborhood is one that fits your needs. By taking advantage of our free discovery trips, you can walk through homes for sale and experience the neighborhoods in person, giving you a better understanding of what’s out there.

Most real estate companies will only take “serious qualified buyers” to look at homes. This makes it difficult for people just starting the home-buying process or those unsure if they’re ready to buy. At Stewardship, we don’t believe in limiting our services to serious buyers only. Our experienced agents will take you on a personalized tour, showing you houses that match your needs and preferences in the locations that matter most to you–no matter where you are in your home buying journey.

Many make the mistake of viewing homes for sale too late. They wait until days or weeks before buying instead of starting months or even years in advance. By engaging in discovery trips early on, you can get an accurate grasp on what’s out there to properly plan, significantly reduce stress during purchasing, and avoid buyer’s remorse.

At Stewardship, our goal is to help you find the perfect home whether it’s your first or your next. This is why our discovery trips are free and we welcome anyone curious about the home buying process who wants to get a head start on their search. 

We believe going beyond online pictures and experiencing homes and neighborhoods in person; this way, you can truly discover what’s out there. Why wait? Schedule a complimentary discovery trip with us today and start your journey to finding your dream home.