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If you’ve ever simultaneously sold a home and bought a new one you know how disruptive this process is. 

Think about what you had to do: 

  • Put your home on the market 
  • Keep it clean so you can show potential buyers at a moment’s notice 
  • Take your kids (and pets!) out of the house when someone wants to see your home 
  • Find a place to live temporarily before closing on your new house 
  • Move all your stuff into storage in the meantime 
  • Move it all again once you close on your next home 
  • Coordinate all the projects like painting and flooring before moving in 

With the technological advancements we’ve experienced, it shouldn’t have to be this burdensome. 

So why is the process of selling your current home and buying another one so difficult? 

The Answer? Money. 

Most people need the money from the sale of their current home for the down payment on their next home, and most people cannot qualify for two mortgage payments at once. So, they need to sell their current home to get rid of that mortgage payment before taking on a new mortgage payment on the next home. 

As of today, there is now a solution to this problem! 

Today we launch a brand new way to sell your current home and buy your next home. The program is called Stewardship One Move. 

This intelligently designed program is a real estate transaction on your terms. You don’t need to sell your current home first. This means you can make those upgrades on your new home before moving all your stuff. And yes—this means you only have to move once. 

That’s right, you do not have to sell your current home until after you are already moved into your next home. But you still get to buy your next home with an extremely attractive offer that does not require a “contingency”. And in this market, you need to make your offer as awesome as possible to get a seller to accept it. 

Speaking of accepted offers, this is a program, not a real estate company. Stewardship is not replacing your real estate agent. This program allows you to use any agent you want! We created this to enhance the life of the people in our community – you and your agent alike! 

(p.s. if you do not have a trusted real estate agent, let us know. We have relationships with a ton of awesome agents that we can connect you with). 

How it works 

Here is what makes it work for you: the equity you have in your current home. 

We activate the power of your current home’s equity with an equity advance loan on your current house. This is done through a special banking relationship that we have. Most banks do not allow you to obtain a new loan on a property if they know you are going to sell the property or pay the loan off within a few months. 

But, not for us! The funds from this second loan can be used for the down payment on the next home, minor upgrades on your next home (paint and flooring), moving expenses, and more. You can even use the money from the loan for payments on mortgage and loans so there is no disruption to your normal monthly cash flow. 

But that is just one piece of the puzzle. 

Most lenders do not let you use borrowed funds from one house as a down payment on another house. In addition, most lenders are unable to get you qualified for the best mortgage while you still have an open mortgage on your current house. 

But, with our track record, business capital, and customized contract, we can get you a conventional mortgage (the best rates and fees possible) for your next home without the need to sell your current home. 

Our lender is totally fine with an advance of equity on your current home for the down payment, and they ignore the payment on your current home during the mortgage underwriting process on your next home. 

Simply put, we can get you money using the equity of your current home and get you qualified for a loan on your next home without the need to sell your current home first. 

This is the most seamless way to sell your current home and buy your next home. 

How much does it cost? 

When you compare the cost of this program vs the cost of doing a real estate transaction the old way Stewardship One Move is less than half the cost.  

Is this like Opendoor or 72 SOLD? 

No! Those companies do NOT give you fair market value for your current home. They use amazing marketing and other gimmicks, but you always end up selling your home for less and paying more fees. Using one of those options is the most expensive way to do this transaction and prevents you from keeping the maximum amount of money from the sale of your home.  

What’s in it for Stewardship? More Opportunities! 

Since Stewardship does not charge you anything extra when compared to selling your home the traditional way, I understand you might be skeptical. Although we earn referral income from your real estate agent, we do not have extra fees for you to make this program happen. It seems too good to be true. 

First and foremost, this program helps us better meet our mission of loving people through finances. Stewardship’s One Move allows us to have an even bigger positive impact on our community! 

Practically speaking, this program allows us the opportunity to earn more business for our other services. Stewardship is a group of many companies that serves people through home loans, insurance, and investments. Stewardship’s One Move creates more income for Stewardship Mortgage, Stewardship Insurance, Stewardship Planning, and Stewardship Financial. More opportunities to grow our income, but more importantly grow our impact. 

We are excited about Stewardship One Move! We know this will change the way people buy and sell real estate in Arizona for years to come. This is just another way for us to love people in our community through finances! 

For more information on Stewardship One Move you can head over to the Stewardship One Move website located here -