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If you know about Stewardship, there’s a good chance you know about Brian Ream. Brian is our award-winning Home Loan Advisor. Brian is an Arizona-native that was born and raised in Camp Verde. A little known fact is that he’s exceptionally skilled at playing video games. Seriously. The dude can master almost any video game after playing it only a few times. As his friend, it’s remarkable and annoying–just once I would like to win!

Brian and his wife, Heather, recently had their first child, a son named Chase. He is an adorable baby boy with the best facial expressions! When the Reams family has free time they enjoy hanging with family. Whether it’s the family here in AZ or the family in Carlsbad, California, their loyal, loving relationships are beautifully inspiring.

Brian has an incredible desire to super-serve people. I’m fortunate to see Brian’s tireless work ethic every day. The joke around the office typically goes like this:

“Where is Brian?”

“He’s probably on the phone….”

He is always on the phone educating, updating, and communicating with customers and realtors. Giving wise advice and keeping people in the loop is something he is constantly doing throughout the day.

Don’t believe me? Read the reviews! You will see many five star reviews specifically mentioning how great Brian is to work with because he excels at responding quickly and communicating frequently. It sounds simple, but it’s an exceptional skill that is extremely important to master as a Home Loan Advisor. It’s probably one of the biggest reasons he’s a top-ranked Mortgage Professional in the country. This review about Brian summarizes it perfectly:

“So thankful for Brian and the team at Stewardship! My wife and I were looking to buy our first house. We went to a realtor and didn’t get much help. I heard of Brian and Stewardship from my brother-in-law and decided to call Brian to find out my options. Being that this was our first house, I had no idea what to do. Brian took time to help me understand all of the ins and outs of home buying. I knew we had made the right choice choosing Stewardship because Brian and the team went above and beyond to help us find exactly what we needed….Brian kept us updated every step of the way…I highly recommend Stewardship to anyone who is looking for assistance in buying a home, finding insurance policies for protection of your assets, and answering some of life’s difficult questions! Thanks again Brian! Thank you Stewardship!”

– Brian Campbell

If you’ve been fortunate enough to work with Brian, help spread the word by leaving a review and telling your friends about his awesome service. If you haven’t worked with Brian, but need help with buying a home or refinancing your current home loan – you’ll be happy you did.