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If you desire to provide for your family by building wealth, you may want to partner with a wise advisor. Outsourcing areas of life, like your finances, allows you to focus on what matters most—your time, income, and family.

But what’s the cost of financial advice? We’ve written about how different types of financial advisors are paid, and we put our costs on our website. Financial advice is affordable. In fact, we believe that quality financial advice can actually save you money by decreasing inefficiencies in your financial plan. Focusing on the right behaviors can help you make money in the long-term.

Not everyone has the margin to hire an advisor, and not everyone will appreciate the work that an advisor will do. When does it make sense to partner with a Stewardship advisor?

If you value your time.

Most people we work with tell us they don’t have time to “think about this stuff” or to keep an eye on the financial markets. As a business owner, father of two, and husband, I totally get it. I value my time and need to decide what in my life needs to be outsourced and what advisors would be good partners.  I don’t only view these relationships through the lens of, “what is this costing me?” but instead, “how much time and energy do I save by choosing this partnership?”

If you value your expertise.

I’m constantly impressed with the clients we get to work with at Stewardship! We partner with so many who are experts and leaders in their fields. But our best clients understand when they should stay in their lane. In other words, they focus on what they do best–building their careers and their income through their field in their expertise. In turn, they value the knowledge that a Stewardship advisor brings to their lives.

If this sounds like you, then the question is, can you afford not to use a financial advisor? Schedule an appointment to explore the ways a Stewardship advisor can provide their expertise and maximize your time for what’s most important in life!