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Many of you know Jarred Kuiper as a Home Loan Advisor here at Stewardship, but there’s more to him than just his job. Jarred is a self-described “nerd at heart.” He religiously watches documentaries, even those in different languages, and he’s extremely skilled at video games. He’s our reigning office Rocket League champion.

Jarred is a father, husband, and servant. He and his wife Shannon have three beautiful girls: Ryann, Codi, and Andi. Beyond their cute personalities and precious looks, Jarred’s daughters exude confidence–a sign of amazing parenting. Jarred’s wife Shannon makes her social media followers laugh by candidly joking about raising three girls close in age. But together, she and Jarred do an excellent job of letting their daughters know they are loved. Shannon is not only an amazing mom she’s one of Stewardship’s biggest fans, actively helping us pursue our mission to love our community through finances.

What’s the most important thing about Jarred? He genuinely wants you to have the BEST experience.

My office is across the hall from Jarred’s. As a result, I get to see what his workday looks like. He’s often creatively negotiating with underwriters to limit or completely remove extra work on behalf of his clients while still ensuring they get the best loan possible. The crazy part is, no one knows about the extra miles he takes for his customers because he just does it. It’s my hope this blog provides a small sliver of understanding into the great asset Jarred is.

Obtaining a mortgage can be complicated. Many times people naturally cringe when hearing the word “mortgage” because of the horrors associated with it. Jarred hates that cringe and stops at nothing to make things easier for all his clients. In fact, his personal slogan is “Home Loans Made Simple.”

On Jarred’s website, he states, “Everyone wants to own a home, but getting a mortgage can be frustrating. I make it easy, work with your realtor, and get you the best loan possible.”

Jarred focuses on three things as he works for you:

  1. Wise Advice
  2. Best Price
  3. Enjoyable Experience

Most people go through the home loan experience with trepidation and come away bruised and battered. When Jarred is your home loan advisor, the experience is much different. But don’t just take my word for it. Recently Peter Anderson said, “While we were excited about buying our first home, the whole process was a bit intimidating. We are grateful for Jarred’s partnership in offering sound advice, personalized advice, and timely service. Now that things have finalized, we feel comfortable with the whole process from start to finish.”

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Are you looking for the best home loan experience? Schedule an appointment with Jarred and experience home loans made simple.