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If you have home or auto insurance with us, you have probably talked to Joy Stratman. You know her as the sweet, easy going voice that goes above and beyond to serve. But there is much more to Joy.

Joy is an avid traveler, a concert connoisseur, and pop culture encyclopedia. She’s a daughter, sister, and an auntie. And she’s not only an auntie to her sister’s kids. Joy is known as “Auntie” by many of the other Stewardship Team Member kids. No matter the child or the age, Joy is always making kids smile.

What’s the most important thing about JoyAnn? She is a servant.

The insurance world is full of call centers and automated directories. Often, you speak with hourly employees counting down the minutes until they’re off the clock. Joy is different. She is a real person who will do anything she can to serve you.

The funny thing is, I only hired Joy because she was my sister-in-law. Joy was moving to Arizona, and I thought, “I’ll be a nice brother-in-law and find some stuff for her to do around the office so she can get some quick income as she settles into AZ.” The next thing I know, she’s proactively finding stuff to do to better serve me and the Stewardship clients. No matter the task or the timing, she tackled it with speed and grace. Joy found needs and filled them with a rare disposition – genuinely putting herself in the shoes of others.

Fast forward to today and she’s the best CSR (Customer Service Representative) in the country. Almost every insurance company has a CSR, but Stewardship has the best one in Joy. That is not hyperbole. She literally is the best. I’m connected to thousands of insurance companies around the country speaking to them at events, helping them grow their businesses through online forums, and more. As part of those connections I hear about the performance of other CSRs and see the stats. Joy kicks their butt. She gets way more done in way less time and in a much better way. This translates into her serving and loving more people through insurance than almost anyone else in her position.

Still don’t think she is awesome? Check out our insurance reviews. Almost half of the reviewers mention Joy by name. People who leave reviews often name the company or the Insurance Agent, but rarely is the CSR mentioned. The fact that over half of our reviews mention Joy is a BIG deal.

If you’re one of our insurance customers, the next time you’re being served by Joy, be sure to ask her about her most recent traveling excursion or test her pop culture knowledge. You can even inquire on her secret to making kids smile so much. But before you get off the phone, end your email, or finish a text conversation with her – tell her thanks– because you are being served by one of the best in the industry.

Joy also LOVES podcasts. One of her favorite’s is Defining Stewardship. Subscribe below and you can have new episodes sent to you each week just like Joy!

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